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Blushing Elegance Bouquet


  • Baloons


    Size: 25cm


Blushing Elegance Bouquet: 10 Pink Roses, 5 White Hydrangeas, and a Hint of Eucalyptus

Elevate the moment with our ‘Blushing Elegance Bouquet,’ a captivating blend of 10 Pink Roses, 5 White Hydrangeas, and a subtle touch of Eucalyptus stems. This exquisite arrangement marries the softness of pink roses with the purity of white hydrangeas, creating a visual symphony of elegance. The addition of fragrant eucalyptus leaves imparts a refreshing essence, making it an ideal gift for expressing admiration, celebrating romance, or simply brightening someone’s day. Immerse yourself in the delicate charm of the Blushing Elegance Bouquet, where each bloom is a testament to refined beauty and natural grace.